How to build a kernel package for debian

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This is a manual to compile a new kernel package for Debian.  It's all based on apt-get command, install necessary application, get source code and set configuration file, then get make and install.


lyan Published by 2015-08-27 20:51

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Command less for checking multiple files

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This semester I need to check a lot of txt file under linux, it's kind of bored to click on,

Then, one day, I noticed my instructor the way he did, Pretty neat, just a simple less command 

in Linux, it works in this way:

leon Published by 2014-12-11 17:54

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保护模式中最重要的一个思想就是通过分级把代码隔离了起来,不同的代码在不同的级别,使大多数情况下都只和同级代码发生关系。Intel 的80286以上的cpu可以识別4个特权级(或特权层) ,0级到3级。数值越大特权越小。一般用把系统内核放在0级,系统的其他服务程序位于1、2级,3级则是应用软件。一般情况下代码都在自己的级别下做自己 的工作,同一级别之间可以相互访问,而一般是不允许不同级别的代码间随意访问的。但有时候不同级别的程序之间一定要访问,比如系统的接口函数等,必须能够 使得应用程序能够随意调用。

leon Published by 2014-07-03 15:54

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