Build process


1. create a new tag for upstream 6.2

## need to run debian clean script.


then create new tag upstream-6.2+dfsg

2. Checkout a feature branch from main branch.

##make sure current branch is l4tm/catapult and latest.

git checkout l4tm/catapult

git checkout -b l4tm/catapult+upstream/6.2

3. merge tag upsream-6.2+dfsg to branch l4tm/catapult+upstream/6.2

This probably will meet a lot of conflicts, use git mergetool to check each conflict, make sure you get the right version.

git merge upstram-6.2+dfsg

4. use quilt to update patch

           quilt push

then will process each patch from /debian/patches/series,

like merge, you need to check each patch, verify if there already merged in upstream or fix in other way, which you need to delete this patch from quilt and run git rm to real file.

5 creat new branch l4tm/catapult+debian/2.5+dfsg-1 after commit 

git checkout -b l4tm/catapult+debian/2.5+dfsg-1

6. do step 3 and 4 again for tag debian/qemu_2.5+dfsg-1

git merge debian/qemu_2.5+dfsg-1

7. create a new tag for branch l4tm/catapult+debian/2.5+dfsg-1

date +%s

git tag b-01082016

make sure to remember add distributation name in comment

git tag -m "distribution=cattleprod"

9 push tag and branchs to remote git server.

git push origin branch*

git push origin tag

10. run ghgbpsb to generate qemu package

ghgbpsb b-01082016

11. run test for these deb package

12. submit merge request if everything goes well

13. send to incoming repo and email to repo team if merge request is finished.



schrrot -l

schroot -u root -c catapult-amd64-http꞉∕∕∕l4tm-sbuild


export PS1='% '


date -R for changelog

dch -n Comment is here


build package

ghgbpsb b-1466615184

dput -o hpelinux qemu_2.6+dfsg-3+hpelinux2_amd64.changes 

dput hpelinux qemu_2.6+dfsg-3+hpelinux2_amd64.changes 


Generate debian/control file

make -f debian/rules debian/control : get control file from control-in